Here’s a showcase of my 10 personal favourites:

1. River Leine (Hannover, Germany)

I love Hannover and I have had countless walks, cycle rides, barbeques and drinks alongside this river that runs through it.  This shot was taken in May 2010.

2. Ruined Cat (Jerusalem, Israel)

This is the inside of an abandoned shop in Jerusalem, alongside a busy street.  As I was passing, I glanced inside and there was this cat just sitting in there, so I went inside and took its picture.  This was taken in July 2005.

3. Old Potato (Bristol, UK)

This potato, salvaged from a forgotten kitchen drawer, was one of the first HDR images I ever made, as well as being one of my first “studio” shots, as I used an assortment of lights and a homemade softbox, to shoot it with.  This is also the only photo I have taken that has been “published”.  An organiser for a Dutch media and art festival used it for their festival flyers, posters and website in January 2010.  I took this in April 2008.

4. Limmerstraße Snow (Hannover, Germany)

Taken early in the morning (4am-ish) as I waited for a tram.  This was taken in January 2010.

5. Basata Sunrise (Basata, Egypt)

I love the tranquility in this scene of the Red Sea.  The sun is rising across the Sea over Saudi mountains.  This was taken in August 2005.

6. Rathaus by the Leine (Hannover, Germany)

Another image of the river Leine, this is one of my favourite HDR images, as it has resulted in quite a nice photo.  I think everything works in the classical sense of photographic composition, with natural borders, interest maintained using Rule of Thirds, etc.  This was taken in May 2010.

7. Genocide (Birkenau, Poland)

The fence at Birkenau camp, where millions of Jews were incarcerated and murdered during WW2, with the famous entrance building in the background.  I took a number of discrete images whilst visiting Auschwitz-Birkenau for the first time, and this one stands out as for me being the most capable of capturing some of the atmosphere of the place.  This was taken in August 2006.

8. Preaching (near Abbottabad, Pakistan)

These men have all arrived for some desperately needed tents to help rebuild their lives.  Their expressions speak volumes.  The man in the foreground is actually giving instructions, but it looks a bit like he’s preaching in this image. Taken in January 2006, weeks after the massive 2005 earthquake in Pakistan.

9. Archer (Hannover, Germany)

One of my all-time favourites.  This image again ticks a lot of the right boxes for traditional composition, but I love the bokeh in this image.  This was taken on Ilford B&W film on a Canon EOS 5 35mm camera in July 2007.

10.) The Descent (Prague, Czech Republic)

This is the lift that takes one to the top of the bell tower in central Prague.  I love the lines and the light in this image.  Taken in August 2006.



One comment

  1. Your work inspires me. I have been taking the everyday stuff, but want to get back into the art of photography.

    I will look forward to seeing your new additions!

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